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November 25, 2008


The Glamorous Life

I totally feel like I am there.
I am the one in the Uggs holding a Starbucks Latte. Oh wait...that is half the women down there at this time of year!


Aww so pretty! Some day, I'll get there. You inspire me.

Grant forest

Nice shot. Very cool feeling.
I had forgotten about The Waterboys. I used to love them.


Very cool skywatching and I guess that could be californian fall with people in t-shirts. Looks windy out there. The old car adds just enough something to mistake it for Cuba or something.

Whole of the moon is really epic.

Mental P Mama

I have actually been there! Great shot, as always;)

lou Anno

I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pictures especially the ones of family. I would love to hear from you. Bonnie sent me Bud's (Robert) address and I have misplaced it. I want to sent him a birthday card and let him know I'm thinking of him. Could you email his address to me? Thanks so much. Love, Lou

Brain Bunnies

One of my favorite places in the entire world. What a perfect shot...wait a minute, I think I see myself too...the one down the pier yelling at her kids to stop climbing on the railing.

Susan M

You're a cool photographer, you live in OC, AND you love the Waterboys? I can't believe it. This is QsySue from Flickr---the Waterboys are my all-time favorite band.

I love picture-taking in the winter in OC, cuz we finally have clouds! Heading out to Newport Beach right now in fact. :)

This is a lovely shot.


Whoa! Love this! Been there a million time. I love the way it looks in this photo. I could just crawl right inside...


I love the picture, of course. Very cool that the old car pulled in front as you took the shot. It actually gives the pic a vintage look.


Ohhhh this a sooo classy classic 60's image! Absolutely to die for! Great work Suzanne!


How DO you DO that? The sky is positively electric. My photos always look like the '70s kind, not the '60s -- and it ain't pretty.

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