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December 09, 2008


Mental P Mama

I always let others perpetuate the story. My hands are clean;)


This is SOOO funny. How could she not love a grilled cheese? I think she was doing it out of pure spite....:) You know how girls are.
When I was little my Brother always ordered those from the little diners...I swear for years he was ordering a "girl cheese" sandwich. Very confusing for me...I thought it was only for girls.
I never lie to my kids. Only Bad moms do that.
Oh, I gotta go get my Santa suit drycleaned......


Great story and well-told. That bad Aunt Jana! (I also love the cat getting married and moving away.)

Pete Wilson

"Dad, do you think God and Santa are friends? Is that how Santa knows if you've been bad or good?"


Treacherous waters indeed!


I lie ALL the time. I take pride in some of my "whoopers" Good job.


I love leading my kids on (aka flat-out lying to manipulate them). It's an illness, really.

LOVE the camp sandwich story! I need to file that trick away for future use...


Haha, wonderful story ! I can imagine the camp sandwich is a concept now in OC. Great pic of the palm trees and bird in the fog.

andrea charroin

Just wait until you are sitting in Ruby's and over hear another mother telling the tale of the great camp sandwhich! There needs to be some sort of royality payments due to you.

fancy feet

This is great. I often tell lies to my kids for their 'benefit'. And, hey, they work.

Susan M

Haha. Reminds me of when I told my three year old, who refused to wear socks for an entire year or more, that I was getting him Robot Feet. No, no, they just look like socks. They're actually Robot Feet. See how they're grey, and they have this rubber on the bottom?

He so badly wanted to believe me.

"Will I turn into a robot if I wear them?"


He was smarter than that, though, and refused to put them on. "Those aren't robot feet! They're SOCKS!"


great story! I can relate with all of the "stories" I have told my duaghter for her (our) benefit!


When I was six, my Grandpa had to dig up the yard to fix a pipe from the well. I did not know that. I kept asking what they were doing, and they would say nothing. i asked and asked, and then Grandpa told me that they were digging an elephant trap because the elephant needed his toe nails cut. I helped dig with my little shovel for two days. We never caught an elephant. You think he was too smart for our little trap?

Serendipitous Girl

Awwwww, so cute! A mom I know told me about the "Halloween Fairy" when her daughter was expecting her to come. You keep a few pieces of your favorite Halloween candy, then bag up all the rest and leave it outdoors on Halloween night after you've trick or treated. The next morning the Halloween Fairy has come by and left a little present like a doll or stickers, etc.

I might also have been the "Halloween Fairy" a time or two, but that's a story for a different time ; )


Good on you Suzanne, this is a great little story! Cheers!

Carrie Horton

You are so naughty! Your little lier you... they are not really lies that we parents tell they are lifelong lessons of imaginary sorts, that is what I call them at least! Great story.


thanks suz, now i have an uncontrollable craving for CAMP SANDWICHES! ;-)

Well Behaved Krissy


Big Hair Envy

What a great story! I can't wait for the opportunity to tell my family we are having Camp Sandwiches for dinner one night. Imagine their surprise..... Bwahahahaha!


That's too funny! Your daughter certainly won't forget Camp Sandwiches. I overheard a co-worker telling people in the lunch room today that she and her husband have never lied to their child. He's 6 years old and has never left cookies for Santa, had a visit from the Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny because that would be LYING. Oh so BORING.

Crystal Harris

my two boys (ages 6 and 3) don't like to eat or drink things with "weird" names. So at this time of the year, Egg Nog would be out of the question. So last year I brought home a beautiful carton of egg nog, and told my boys it was "Christmas milk." They loved it. And they drink a ton of it.


Ha! I've got to try this one. I too love grilled cheese and my little girl just hates the very idea of them and won't ever even take a bite (though she loves cheese, and bread). I'm having a difficult time accepting that she might not like them, so I'm determined to find a way to introduce them to her in such a way that she won't be able to resist!


So what are you saying? Santa doesn't sit by the fire eating Camp Sandwiches with the Tooth Fairy, waiting to catch an elephant?

I'm having a breakdown

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