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February 16, 2009



After the rain the feeling is so fresh and even more so on the beach. This is just about perfect for me.

Mental P Mama

That shot is perfect.


Such a great shot Suz. You can almost see the clouds moving. Love the shiny ground too....
take care, suz


Beautiful shot! Love the looming clouds giving way to blue skies and the shadowed figures.

The Glamorous Life

Wow what a winning shot.

Really amazing!

Jamie Bengard

What a GREAT photo!!!!

Big Hair Envy

Looks Heavenly to me:)


mmm I love that fresh rain smell the next mornign after it's all happened...


Hi Suz!

I love the rain. Thats a great shot!


Is it the road to Paradise ? I wonder.
What a wonderful perspective, Suz. You chose a perfect angle.
These 2 silhouettes enhance your picture. Generally, I try to avoid people on my picture, but both of them add an atmosphere in this case.

Grant Forest

Nice one, Suz.
Colin Hay rocks, too. I like the live/acoustic version of this song. He is hilarious and awesome to see live.

Susan M

Those clouds are amazing.

keli horton

Wow! That picture is nuts... how lucky are we to live here?


Awesome picture! I am completely jealous of you OC women (have you ever read Twenty-four At Heart's blog?). And..."Overkill" is a Men At Work song. Written by Colin Hay...but performed by the band in 1983 off their album "Cargo" which also featured the single "It's A Mistake" and "Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive" which all charted on the Billboard Top 100. Buuuut...Hay ALSO performed the song acoustically on his solo album that he released in 2003. So...I guess you are right...

Uh...is it odd that I know this?


That is a beautiful picture! The clouds versus the ground is incredible. I can't wait to move there, only one more week.

fancy feet




Julie @ Angry Julie Monday

Love that picture. It's beautiful!

Joe Sweden

You are a masterful photographer, plus awesome taste in music. Nice combo.


Great area!! The rain has really made the sky amazing!!
We are moving to RSM Saturday... is that still Orange County? LOL! I swear I'm going to feel so out of the loop.

Andrea Charroin

Just beautiful Suzanne! One of my favorite spots too, makes me miss living in HB.

Peace Love and Momminess

So moody. I miss the HB days; we lived there 10 years and loved the salt smell, even the late burnoff. Can't wait for next StormWatch!


Beautiful shot...love it!

Serendipitous Girl

So beautiful! It was actually kind of nice having a rainy day when I was down there last week. My niece and I snuggled and listened to it tapping on the window--it was such a sweet memory. That only last about 10 seconds : )

Baby Favorite


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