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January 18, 2010





You are so cute Suz. I loved your Robot story...what is the deal with him???? Too many hits to the head maybe.

Love those wigs..so funny!!

Joe Sweden

Corey Perry is the man. The best player on the Ducks and I bet he wasn't kidding, he would fight anyone. Great story.


Since I was there...I figure I might as well confirm...

You nailed this one right on the head. "Totally checked out of the conversation..." I'd say that pretty much details him perfectly. I told someone he was "easily distracted". LOL!!!

I had TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun...thank you again, seven billion times over, for taking me!

Doug L.

I think I have expressed this to you on several occasions but I can't stress it enough YOU'RE HOT!
I like the story too. Corey Perry is on his way to become a hockey legend, this story adds to his reputation. I can understand why he's your favorite player

Ducks fan

I would be disappointed if he acted any other way :)
Nice job on the video. Made me wish I could have gone. Maybe next year.


haha that is the cutest thing ever! I can picture Corey's mannerisms perfectly. not the most social of people, but still adorable.

noe noe girl

You are funny chickie!
Those wigs are funny too!




Great story. And Corey means it: http://www.hockeyfights.com/players/1785/fightcard/reg2010
Corey's gf sounds great.


... and that's why you're my favorite blogger. the end.


This is hilarious! Perry is the best!


HA! that's a great story!


That was a funny story and I can see you all in the conversation.


This story is awesome! I can just see him doing and saying all that. Exactly how I picture him and you are freakin' HOT. So all & all great stuff.


Sequence top? Did it go on first or second?
It's sequins.


gotta love bobby at the end...."and who am i waving to?"

Baby Favorite

You're too cute. I love how you forged ahead, despite his aloofness! I would've done the same.

Audrey  at Barking Mad!

I admire your bravado! Not sure I would ever have had the chutzpah to go up to him in the first place.

LOVE the wigs!


I dont think he gives a damn about what people think of him. He is so well accomplished and most hockey players self included will say the same thing. Its a courage the average man cannot understand

lisa mertins

well, as someone who's only mildly interested in hockey, i can say you kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! but i can't help but wonder where so so fits in with the nighttime protection force...


Awesome! So cool to get to meet all the players! :D Lucky girl. When you get to be totally their best friend, if you ever find out that one of them happens to be Josh Groban's buddy, you know what you'll have to do right? Have a party, invite Josh and ME. I'll fly, drive or even jog all the way to Orange County to be there! Ha ha. :D


That is so cool... I know nothing of Hockey but I do know sports, he should have sent your son a note or something, that would have been even better.


This is so awesome. Perry is such a prick but I can't help but like the guy. I think it's funny you knew that going in, only a good fan would handle it the way you did.
The liked the video, too. You look hot.

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